December 3, 2016      13:43

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Five die in 2 days due to asthma attacks in Kuwait

Kuwait Ministry of Health




Kuwait: Five people have died due to asthma attacks, and breathing difficulties over the past two days, Health Ministry Undersecretary Dr Khaled Al-Sahlawi said yesterday. Hospitals received 844 emergency cases in two days, five of them died, three in Mubarak Hospital and two in the Amiri Hospital, Al-Sahlawi added in a statement. Twenty-six cases were admitted to intensive care units, and 45 to rooms. The rest received treatment.

All emergency clinics are ready to receive any medical conditions that need attention, he said, urging citizens and residents to be cautious and call (112) for emergencies or (151) for medical advice. Meanwhile, head of Al-Asima Health Directorate Dr Fatima Al-Asoumi quashed reports on social media about the closure of two floors in the Amiri Hospital due to a pandemic virus outbreak of (H1N1), explaining that the only flu virus that has been circulated among the public is that of seasonal flu.

Director of the Amiri Hospital Dr Ali Al-Alanda also dismissed the rumors, blaming bad weather conditions for causing many people to have respiratory problems, especially patients suffering asthma and allergy. Meanwhile, the ministry of Interior’s relation and security information department urged all motorists to be careful while driving in rain to avoid accidents. The department also urged them to call 112 in any emergencies to request help. Intermittent rains continued in many parts of Kuwait yesterday causing road accidents and traffic congestion.-KUNA

Source: Kuwait Times [Link]



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