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Maid Market

March 15, 2015 at 13:59

Maid Market in Kuwait: The buying and selling of human beings

Maid Market Kuwait: The buying and selling of human beings




Kuwait: You can buy them, trade them, sell them or even borrow them. They are available in the souq, the black market and sometimes through the classifieds. They go for anywhere from KD 400 to KD 1,000. They are human but also a hot commodity on the open market in Kuwait. If you’re too busy to visit the souq al khadam (maids’ market), you can even order them through Instagram or Twitter. The maids for cash trail starts in their countries of origin. Any woman who wants a domestic servant’s job in Kuwait must shell out several hundred dinars in their local currency to ‘recruiters’ who will arrange for them to be sent to maid agencies in Kuwait. The agencies add the woman’s headshot to their photo books and when prospective employers visit the office (or browse their Instagram galleries), they use the photos to pick out their future servants.

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