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Dump truck smashes into highway sign in Saudi Arabia




A dump truck, travelling down a highway in Saudi Arabia with its container up, has been captured on a dashcam crashing into a highway sign. Before the truck gets to the sign, a pickup truck is seen speeding up behind it probably to warn the truck driver, but it fails to make it before the truck takes down the highway sign.

Samsung’s ‘Safety Truck’ Features a Camera and Live View Display




Samsung wants to help make roads safer by incorporating some camera technology into semi-trailer trucks. By adding a front camera and a giant rear “live view” display to the trucks, Samsung’s ‘Safety Truck’ project makes it easier for drivers to see “through” the trucks and know when it’s safe to pass. According to the statistics, an average of one person in Argentina dies every hour to a traffic accident, and many of those deaths are caused by reckless passing on the country’s two-lane roads.

Boeing Dreamliner’s near-vertical takeoff is a must watch




The takeoff by the Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 was part of a rehearsal ahead of the 2015 Paris Air Show. For aviation enthusiasts, this is a video that is un-missable. It serves as a reminder that planes, commercial or military, can do wonders and perform magic in the air. Not to forget those tiny humans, sitting in the cockpit, maneuvering these giant metal birds.

Inspiring Kuwait - Awesome drone footage of Kuwait




Spectacular video footage of Kuwait by Ali Younis featuring Kuwait. It has amazing wide views of Al Hamra tower and hala february celebrations. Produced by Falcon RC Hobby, Kuwait. Filmed by Ali Younis, Ahmad Bahbahani and Mohammad Alqattan. Directed by Ali Younis. For any business inquires please contact: +96599830123

Emirates A380 aborted landing at Manchester Airport




Emirates A380 attempting to land at Manchester airport in crosswind. Appeared to touch down about half way along the runway and had to abort and lift off.

A dog ran loose in a Highway; you will never guess what the motorist did




This will restore your faith back in humanity. A California highway was rattled one afternoon when a group of commuters unknowingly united to help save a dog running loose. One biker in particular chased after the dog while capturing the entire event in a video.

How people reacts to a man sing-along inside his car on highway




YouTube sensation TJ Smith is known for belting out songs in his car on the highway or his so-called ‘Highway Sing-alongs.’ Aside from his good looks, his carefree spirit and fun vibes made people admire him even more. Singing his most popular hit and sing-along ‘Build Me Up Buttercup,’ this video is so entertaining and fun that some people can’t even help but join him in singing while others wave and smile. If you’re having a bad day, some singing and a help from this guy can really perk you up.

Terrifying moment when lion opens car door with its teeth




Capetown: Seeing wild animals near by has been great desire for trekking travellers. The family went for lion safari in South Africa had some terrific experience. They were stopped the car and busy filming the lions gatherd around them. Happiness becomes scream when one lion opened the door with its teeth. Nothing bad happened because one of the member quickly closed the door.

Saudi maid breaks down after getting smartphone from her employer




An Indonesian housemaid burst into tears after she was gifted a smartphone and gold ring by her Saudi employers. The employers showed the present to the maid’s daughter and asked her to shout to her mother to get the gift.

Woman demonstrates 100 years of Iranian beauty in one minute




Every style tells a story. The third installment of The Cut's "100 Years of Beauty" video series focuses on historical beauty trends in Iran. Iranian American model Sabrina Sarajy gets her hair, makeup and occasionally her hijab fashioned in the iconic style of the decade from the 1910s to the 2010s.