July 20, 2016      19:22

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PAAAFR to plant Myrtle tree to beautify Kuwait

PAAAFR to plant Myrtle tree to beautify Kuwait




Kuwait: The Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) announced on Wednesday it would go ahead with planting Myrtle trees as part of a project to beautify Kuwait and diversify its plant life. Engineer Ghanim Al-Sanad, Head of the Execution and Maintenance Department at PAAAFR, told KUNA that the authority has begun experimenting with a variety of trees and shrubbery to determine which plants can withstand Kuwait's dry and hot climate.

The Myrtle tree, generally grown in moist and humid climates, was able to flourish in Kuwait's hot weather.

The Myrtle tree is a small fragrant tree with many branches that carry pink and white flowers, and bear black berries that can be consumed when ripe or can be used as a spice when dried.

Aside from its aesthetic value, Al-Sanad spoke of the medicinal value of the Myrtle tree, saying the tree can help strengthen the heart and stomach, lower the blood sugar level, alleviate constipation, strengthen and lengthen the hair, lessen swellings, and heal conjunctivitis to name a few.

Source: KUNA [Link]



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