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Dust storm in Kuwait causes only material losses - KFSD

Kuwait Dust Storm April 2018




Kuwait, April 27 (KUNA) -- The dust storm hit Kuwait on Thursday (yesterday) caused only material losses, the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) said on Friday.

It added that there were no casualties, stressing that firefighters have been always ready for dealing with such incidents.

In a press statement, head of media and public relations department of KFSD Colonel Khalil Al-Amir said today that all reports received by firefighters were on the fall of trees on public roads and the destruction of parking shakes of parking garages, as well as the outbreak of fire at power cable and houses.

He added that emergency plan followed by KFSD in dealing with unstable weather conditions resulted in reducing the number of incidents or controlling them in a record time.

He added that the plan operates according to a sophisticated system, noting that "this has proved the quality of the complex incidents that firefighters dealt with regarding fighting major fires or operations rescue." Al-Amir pointed out that patrols of firefighting centers were operational as soon as the storm began blowing to inspect areas, pointing to cooperation of the public with firefighters in remedying any repercussions resulting from the accidents so as to achieve the desired goals.

He lauded the big role by local media and social networking sites in waring against an imminent storm in the country.

He urged citizens and expatriates to continue cooperation so as to avoid accidents associated with storms.

Al-Amir appealed to sea-goers and campers to follow up weather conditions before beginning their trips, especially during the season of Sarayat, which experiences unstable weather.

He also advised fishermen to sail close to land until the end of this season by mid-next month.

Source: KUNA [Link]


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