December 10, 2014      19:33

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MoI rejects bank warranty to hire Indian maids





The Indian embassy in Kuwait still insists on imposing the KD 729 bank warranty on citizens wishing to bring in domestic workers from India, which is refundable once the contract between the maid and the sponsor is officially concluded, said informed sources.

The sources added that following the ministry of interior’s rejection of the new condition, assistant undersecretary for passports Maj Gen Mazen Al-Jarrah ordered a study of possible alternatives, that includes banning domestic workers from India.

The sources stressed that deputy PM and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammed Al-Khaled refused negotiating on the matter and ordered the study because citizens’ interest are a top priority for him.

Moreover, the sources highlighted that Jarrah had refused mediation from influential people who tried convincing him to accept the Indian embassy’s condition, and he stressed that Kuwaiti laws already protect domestic workers’ rights and their complaints are usually approached from a humanitarian and social perspective. “Cases where sponsors do not pay maids’ rights are very limited and subject to regulations and laws,” he stressed. — Al-Jarida

Source: Kuwait Times


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