December 10, 2014      11:37

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Kuwaiti driving license renewal subject to the residency





Responding to inquiries about the Deputy PM and Minister of Interior’s recent decision to set new regulations for driver’s licenses for expatriates, a wellinformed security source explained that expats licenses issued before the decision was published in the official gazette would not be withdrawn even if they change their professions and that the withdrawal will be only done through court orders.

The source added that only the licenses that were issued after the new law (which took effect in November) will be withdrawn – in case they change profession.

According to the new regulations, expats driver’s licenses’ validity would be limited to their residency visa validity. The source also noted that all expats would have to pay a fee of KD1 each for the driver’s license and that this regulation applies for those who have been having their license for decades.

The source explained that licenses previously issued with 10-year validity would remain valid till the expiry date and that their renewal would then be limited to the residency visa validity. - Al-Anbaa

Source: Kuwait Times


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