November 15, 2014      11:58

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Kuwait witnesses yellow motorcade to promote safe driving





The "Al-Nuwair positive initiative" has launched the "motorcade of yellow cars" on the Arabian Gulf Road, under the logo "drive gently," aimed at promoting correct, safe driving and kind interaction among motorists.

The initiative chairperson, Sheikha Intisar Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah, said in a statement that the activity was launched recently, coinciding with the World Kindness Day, which falls on November 13th -- proclaimed in 1989 by the World Kindness Movement (WKM).

Sheikha Intisar said the "motorcade of yellow cars," which involved the ministries of interior and education as well as other departments, aimed at promoting kindness on the country's roads and encouraging the motorists to drive "safely and gently." Organizers assembled yellow-colored cars and vehicles for the event, she said, explaining that this color was chosen because it signals joy, optimism, kindness and positive attitude.

Basic messages of the activity was to encourage drivers to give way to others, smile to them, abide by traffic and safety rules, keep distance from the front car, for sake of "avoiding anger, accidents, seeking cooperation, gentleness and tolerance." Traffic accidents, law breaches and roads' jam are some of the major problems suffered by the people of Kuwait, on daily basis, "and such processions are designed to help in tackling them," Sheikha Intisar added.

Replacing cruel behavior with kindness helps in averting accidents and blocking the roads "that have been draining our money, nerves and time," she added.

Al-Nuwair plans to mark the world day each year with such activities to resolve some problems "in our society." The non-profit initiative was launched in 2013, coinciding with the International Day of Happiness.

Source: KUNA


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