December 3, 2014      08:21

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Kuwait warns it may halt recruiting Indian workers

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The National Assembly yesterday voted to give its health and labor panel one month to complete a draft law on the establishment of a company for the recruitment and employment of domestic workers. The vote comes amid controversy over an Indian decision demanding a $2,500 (KD 730) bank guarantee from those wanting to employ Indian domestic helpers. The head of the residency and passports department Maj Gen Mazen Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah was quoted as saying yesterday that Kuwait may consider halting recruitment of manpower from India in retaliation for the Indian bank guarantee move.

The Indian decision infuriated a number of MPs who blasted the Indian embassy and called for retaliatory actions against New Delhi, including halting recruitment of manpower from India. MP Khalil Abdullah yesterday joined those MPs by describing the Indian decision as a breach of the law, diplomatic norms and the Kuwaiti law and constitution. The lawmaker said that preserving the rights of Kuwaiti citizens, expatriates and foreign workers in Kuwait is the duty of the Kuwaiti government and not the Indian embassy. He said the decision is a flagrant interference in the sovereignty of the state of Kuwait, warning that accepting the decision would encourage similar measures by other embassies.

Source: Kuwait Times


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