March 3, 2015      11:52

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One million single expats live in Kuwait

One million single expats live in Kuwait




Kuwait: Several lawmakers warned about the phenomenon of single expats living in Kuwait, suggesting that it might have disastrous consequences in the near future. They also criticized the government for not taking any measures to control it. “If the government had completed a project proposed in an earlier bill on laborers cities, things would not have grown worse,” MP Faisal Al- Duwaisan said, adding that expat laborers come to Kuwait without bringing their families along and inhabit in family residential areas. “This makes area residents feel unsafe because those bachelors have different lifestyles than those of families,” he underlined. “Most bachelors live in ‘interior’ areas where most of the houses belong to heirs which most Kuwaiti families have abandoned, leaving the areas ‘taken over’ by bachelors and practice many illegal activities and commit violations,” MP Nabil Al- Fadhl said.

Source: Kuwait Times [link]


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