March 11, 2015      14:18

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WhatsApp calling feature is being introduced in Kuwait

WhatsApp call being introduced in Kuwait




Kuwait: WhatsApp has new feature that allows to make free phone calls from the previous messaging-only app.

Dubbed WhatsApp Calling, the new invite-only feature was available in beta, and for the last few weeks WhatsApp has been opening and closing the invite window for beta testers since Feb. 20.

The Kuwaiti blogger, kuwaitiful, posted that he got WhatsApp call from his friend on his Android phone.

Find below his post:

A friend just called me through Whatsapp and I was surprised it worked, I thought it would only be exclusive to the U.S right now but it’s not. The voice was clear and now I can call anyone with an Android through Whatsapp (Sorry Apple users, you’ll have to wait once again). I would be very surprised if Telecoms in Kuwait don’t take action to limit or block access to this feature because it will hit their revenue really hard if everyone starts using it.

I’d like to send an invite to everyone but to get an invite someone with Whatsapp Calling enabled has to call you, then your Whatsapp will permanently get the feature and I don’t want to give away my phone number obviously. Try to see if you have a friend with Android that has it and let him call you through Whatsapp.

Source and image credit: Kuwaitiful



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