January 3, 2018      10:42

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Interior Ministry made 650 arrests during new year holidays

Ministry of Interior, Kuwait




Kuwait: Kuwaiti authorities arrested at least 650 criminals and handled 53 cases related to drugs and alcohol during the New Year's holiday, Kuwait's interior ministry said on Tuesday.

Security forces have stepped up efforts to clamp down on social ills, detaining 118 offenders, 90 of whom were illegal residents while 378 carried no form of identification and 54 others were arrested in absentia, read a statement by the ministry.

The statement added that police received 2,501 calls during the holiday period and registered 1,363 traffic violations.

On the scope of humanitarian aid dished out during the holiday period, the statement revealed that 1,075 cases have been reported.

The statement also stressed that security forces will not hesitate to use the full force of law against all offenders.

Source: KUNA


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