December 1, 2015      10:52

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Violators can pay their blocked traffic fines

Kuwait Traffic Ticket




Kuwait: The Interior Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major Gen Abdallah Al-Muhanna said the department is exerting all possible efforts to allow citizens and expatriates to process their transactions easily and simply without any complications. He said this comes at the instructions of Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Sabah. He said that within this measure, the block on all traffic violations for 2014 will be removed so that citizens and expats can pay their fines. He said as for 2015 violations, the block will be removed except for driving a vehicle without a license, racing without a permit, recklessness, endangering passengers’ lives and using the vehicle for purposes other than what it was licensed for (transporting passengers for money), as the block will remain until the legal process is taken. The block will be lifted for one month starting Dec 1, 2015. Muhanna said paying fines can be done through the interior ministry website and violation departments in all governorates or service centers.

Source: Kuwait Times [Link]


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