February 17, 2016      10:53

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Nearly 2.6 million expats in Kuwait

Kuwait City near Kuwait Tower




Kuwait: A security source revealed statistics of expatriates who have valid residency permits at the Interior Ministry’s Residency Affairs Department, headed by Major General Talal Maarafi.

The source said the number of expatriates registered in the database with valid residencies reached 2,599,541 expats excluding all violators of residency law, whose number is estimated at 110,000, besides those registered as illegal residents and Gulf nationals.

The statistics prepared by the residency affairs department showed the number of workers in the government sector (article 17) is 107,698, and those in the private sector (article 18) number 1,300,285. Family visa holders (article 22) number 536,829. The number of domestic helpers (article 20) is 651,454, and article 19 holders (commercial licenses or Kuwaitis’ partners) number 377. University students (Article 23) number 637, while 2,261 are self-sponsored. — Al-Anbaa

Source: Kuwait Times [Link]



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